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Sheila Nduhukire, Derrick Kakonge welcome child together

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

Television heartthrob turned Public Relations and communications manager, Sheila Nduhukire and her husband Derrick Kakonge are proud parents.

The irony is that the news came to the fore two months after she walked out of the labour ward.  The couple walked down the aisle in 2022 and after their fancy wedding, both became reclusive. 

They kept the pregnancy out of the public glare and even those who asked about her sudden weight gain were told it was ‘peace of mind’ owing to a blissful marriage.

Sheila broke the news on her Instagram page. “Two months of endless love and joy.  I Love you with every fiber of my being ” reads the caption of the video shared on Sunday.

Sheila Ndukuhire and Derrick Kakonge. File Photo

Sheila Nduhukire, who formerly worked with NBS TV and NTV, was showing her baby’s face for the first time on social media.

Friends, notably media personalities were quick to congratulate her. They include TV host Annatalia Oze, Jackie Lumbasi and Kleith Kyatuhaire among others. 

Towards the end of 2022, Sheila Nduhukire and businessman Derrick Kakonge walked down the aisle in a low-key ceremony attended by close friends, family and relatives.

       Since her wedding, Sheila, the current Principle Public relations officer at National Medical Stores (NMS), went mute and barely updated her social media handles.  The public is still debating about the gender of the baby. 

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