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Sheebah’s video teaser with Recho Rey shocks social media

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi is working on a music video with Recho Rey. The song;s title is still a top secret. However, that is not the news. The news is, a clip from the video has surfaced on social media. In it, the two artistes struck a pose with the camera at an angle. It picked particularly Sheebah who is seen donning a red, one-piece lingerie while Recho Rey is safe in her shiny, spiked silver jumpsuit bouncing in her matching high heels.

Sheebah’s nether regions getting exposed didn’t attract the new project praise. Ridicule came in tons questioning just how far she will push provocative dressing for her videos to pop. And how she will look at those videos years later was also thrown into question.

Omike Mike: “But something must be wrong with shebah. Being famous and having money doesn’t mean you should ruin it all like that. Does she expect children to see what she is doing? She is yet to be a mother and her children too would one day see this. I think she needs a health psychologist to help her bind the two lifestyles. My mind.”

Bernard Kabooto: “But what’s wrong with Mothers of this World!!! You display yo V bcoz Money!!! And at the end you commanding respect from the Public!!!”

Mpirirwe Patience: “Banange, the things are out, ladies, if you dress like this don’t squat and open the legs.”

This is not the first time she’s left people fuming because of her dress code. She was even threatened with jail time for provocative dressing by the Anti-Pornography Control Committee in 2018 after she showed up onstage wearing lingerie at Club Amnesia shortly after appearing at the Buzz Leaver’s Rock, at Garden City Rooftop like that.

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