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Sheebah’s detractors want her to quit the federation – Kenzo

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) president, Eddy Kenzo, has pinned his vice-president, Sheebah’s woes with other artistes and critics on efforts to force her out of the federation.

According to Kenzo, they made their own investigation and learnt that the idea is to make her feel like the federation is staining her career and, therefore, view it as a baggage.

“There is a team after Sheebah. They just see it (presence in the federation) as their advantage to weaken her brand. We have done our investigation. We have learnt that there are those that want her to tire from serving the federation. They want her to feel like the federation is dragging her behind, so she quits,” said Kenzo while appearing on a Kansanga based radio station days ago.

The Sitya Loss hitmaker continued that once Sheebah’s detractors succeed, their next move will ultimately be to use it as an avenue to poke holes in the federation and attempt to bring it down.

Kenzo also added that Sheebah is a target because she is a woman, but what her detractors have no idea about is she is a tough one.

Recall Sheebah became a subject of criticism after, in her capacity as UNMF vice-president, she shouted at singer Mamuli Katumba and even ordered security to kick him out of the meeting room in April.  

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