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Sheebah takes swipe at former manager Jeff Kiwa

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By Alex Balimwikungu

If celebrities had it out with each other in the olden days, it was mostly done in private or through gossip pages. These days, celebs can just pull out their phone and say what they want using Instagram Twitter or any other platform on social media for the world to see. And boy, do they say what they want. One such person making good use of her Instagram is Sheebah Karungi.

In her latest spat, she has taken a swipe at her former manager Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep.  She also hints that the reason she quit was because she was underpaid.  She took to her Instagram and wrote “playing humble makes one get overlooked, underpaid, and under booked”.

Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah Karungi during the good times (Photo: file)

The statements seemed directed to Jeff and Allan Kiwa who recently signed a new female artist known as Rahmah Pinky who also sounds exactly as her.

Based on the post, Sheebah seems unbothered by whatsoever is being talked about her as she set her focus on bigger things to achieve in life.  It is not the first time she is venting on Instagram.  At the height of their speculated fall out in December 2021,  Jeff Kiwa shared a photo with the caption “I am grateful” on his Instagram account @BornSoLucky

It didn’t take long before Sheebah ran to her IG as well and posted a photo of herself wearing a white t-shirt with the words, “It is what it is.” as if to confirm she had quit one of Uganda’;s most successful music label.


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