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Sheebah should not dare change her sound – McKenzie

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
According to former media personality turned talent manager Brian Mckenzie, singer Sheebah Karungi has done a great job as an artiste, but an experiment to explore the continent like Azawi will see her lose every bit of the success she has achieved.
He argued that she has narrowed her appeal to the Ugandan market, the reason he is doing great locally.
“If Sheebah decides to change her sound, Ugandans are going to bite her. What she is doing is in the pool of what Ugandans like and so, whatever she does is what Uganda will like, the reason she is doing great here,” he explained.
That said though, he noted that Sheebah is big in the diaspora where she is pushed by those that understand her music and her manager Jeff Kiwa is aware and not willing to invest in what is not necessary.
“I think Jeff Kiwa knows these things. It is not that she cannot reach out to Omah Lay to have a collabo, but is it worth it? Does it make business sense?”

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