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Sheebah mocks wedding ring

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

At singer Sheebah Karungi’s 31st birthday in 2020, she was confronted with the question about getting married. With no-holds-barred, she told journalists that it was her career first, her businesses next, then maybe a man.

Days later, Sheebah took a jab at the idea of marriage with a post on Facebook posing in front of her Munyonyo residence, giving off the eligible spinster vibe with the caption, “Coolest Nakyeyombekedde EVER.”

Shortly, she also said she was no marriage material.

Sheebah left a section of men fuming, telling her if she was indeed happy with her unmarried status, she wouldn’t be flaunting it on social media.

She is back at it, this time with a video on Instagram taunting the wedding ring that she keeps putting on and off her finger as she does house chores, mocking the idea of marriage. From laying her bed, washing dishes and more, she ends up tossing the ring in the bin.

However, this time men and women have assured her that whatever she does, they are sure as night follows day, she will get married one day.  

Olimba, Ojakufumbirwa (you are kidding, you will get married),” wrote one.

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