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Sheebah Karungi’s professionalism humbled me- Joanita Zachariassen

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Joanita Zachariassen is the girl of the moment after releasing her hit song ‘You lied’ with Sheebah Karungi. The song, “You Lied” that premiered on August 18 2021 is on replay and the official video has over 70,000.   The singer is on cloud nine. She spoke to Paul Waiswa about the feat.  

First things first, how did you even meet up with Sheebah? Upcoming artistes complain it is hard to get a collabo from her…

Sheebah has been a friend of mine for a long time we’ve always wanted to work together but the right song was not there until “you lied” happened.  I connected with her, sent the song to her she listened and gave it thumbs up.

And your stage name is too long, how did it come about? Who is exactly Joanita Zachariassen?

I like my name because it’s unique. It is the name on my official documents and I don’t feel the need to adopt a stage name. I just want to be me 100%

Did you join music to answer a calling or to make ends meet?

I’ve always loved singing since my family has a string church background.  I have been singing gospel all my life.   Time came when I chose to take it a notch higher by expressing my emotions and feelings in song.  To answer you, it was a calling that is soon leading me to the money!

 Was your family supportive when you went secular?

My family has always been supportive of my talent and my gift and there are still amazing supportive .I took an Academy singing and mastered my singing technique at complete vocal technique school in Copenhagen. Its school that helps you develops your voice to the fullest.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

The music that I do is Afro pop and pop and Afro beat  mixing English and Luganda.But besides that I love singing soul and Gospel

Let’s talk about your latest song ‘YOU LIED’ What inspired you to make it and what message behind it?

It was a   break up experience that another female artist ( Shena Skies ) also experienced so together we made “you lied”.

How did you work it out with Sheebah? You live abroad?

I recorded all of my parts here in Denmark sent the song to Sheebah to record her parts and after getting her vocals back I sent our vocals to mix in a mastering by Herbert Skillz.

Joanita Zacharriassen was humbled by Sheebah’s professionalism in studio (Photo: courtesy)

In studio, how does Sheeba behave?

She did an amazing job in the studio she’s very professional; I was humbled.

Who writes your songs?

Most of the time I write my own songs but this season around I decided to Co- write with other songwriters from different countries like Denmark, Nigeria and Uganda

Is there any male artiste you would want to collaborate with?

 I already do have an amazing male collaboration with Mudra. The song is called “sweet loving “coming out soon.  About the rest,  I will let you know.

What other songs have you recorded?

Sweet loving ft Mudra, Giv me dat lov ft Angela Katatumba ,Party after party ,Let it burn ,Chocolate, Alone tonight and many more. These are all new songs coming out soon

But I recorded songs like: Kyoyagala ,Heartbreaker ,Mpola Tonight ,Once upon a time,Freedom 4 life,Genda,Booty,Kiwato Kiss kiss 

Are you in the industry full time?

I do music full-time

Now that you’re getting established, what are your plans of settling back here in Uganda and compete to the top?

I would like to come back and settle in Uganda but everything has its right timing so when the right time comes I’ll be back

How do you gauge the Ugandan music industry?

I believe the Uganda music industry is developing and crossing over so the future looks is bright

Where have you performed before?

I’ve performed in different countries different festivals different music places different concerts this has been a journey of 14 years in the music industry.

Which famous Uganda male musician would you marry given a chance

I’ll keep that to myself lol

Fair enough, what has been your greatest challenge in the ugandan music industry?

Accepting new talents coming from abroad. But I think they’re much more accepting now and that is a great future for so many wonderful Ugandan new artists.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Make room for new talents never underestimate new gifts and talents because that’s the only way the music industry can develop into something greater than can bring Uganda to the world.

What’s next for you?

I’m in a great season right now I’m still waiting for it to unfold even more but I look forward to the future and I think it’s brighter future and I’m ready for whatever blessing that awaits me. But throughout this journey I’m very thankful to God for the opportunity, for allowing my voice to be heard. To all my fans, you can follow me on all my social media pages under name  Joanita Zachariassen

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