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Sheebah Karungi thanks Nina Roz for the support

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By Mariam Nakalema

Following their highly billed music battle with Cindy and the resultant social media trolls, singer Sheebah needs a shoulder to lean on.

The Nkwatako singer certainly needs a shoulder to lean on following a concerted onslaught on social media that has seen her become the butt of jokes.

One such artiste who will not laugh at Sheebah is Nina Roz. She has come out to show support to Sheebah, an act that has not gone unrecognized.

Sheebah Karungi, Nina Roz and friends at Alure Hotel. Photo by Mariam Nakalema

Sheebah singled out Nina Roz for praise during a meet up at Hotel Alure in Mutundwe, a day after the concert.

 “I want to thank my fellow artistes for supporting me during the battle but would what mainly to thank Nina Roz. We have had our differences in the past but she has shown me love,” Sheebah said.

Nina Roz was seen at Kololo on the day of the battle, vociferously rooting for Sheebah’s music. 

After the Mutundwe meeting, she showed that the feeling was mutual with Sheebah, “Finally the industry is going back to love. I am short of the right words to use to express my happiness,” she said.

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