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Sheebah, Jeff Kiwa split: From Yolo to Solo

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By Alex Balimwikungu

After holding forte for several years, a bitter split is on the cards for singer Sheebah Karungi and her manager Jeff Kiwanuka of Team no Sleep.

Word on the grapevine is that Sheebah has thrown in the towel following close to 10 years under the Team No Sleep management.

For a young dancer with nimble waist who joined from the Obsessions dancing group in 2013, Sheebah has risen through the ranks to make it among the top female musicians of her generation.

With a rich repertoire of songs, and an amicable relationship between singer and manager, many jumped to the conclusion that Sheebah was the most successful music act.

When she unveiled a plush mansion in Munyonyo’s leafy and community, followed with a yacht, many argued that she had made it.  At her 31st birthday last year, friends joked that the only thing missing in her life was a ring and plenty of babies for her manager, Jeff who, besides being reclusive has pulled the strings and made her a success.

Sheebah hinted on taking a sabbatical to start a family.   Many likened her relationship to singer Celine Dione and her manager turned husband René Angélil (RIP).

Sheebah’s mansion that is causing a rift (Photo: file)

In her song, Yolo (You only live once), off her album 2021 faves, many interpreted the song as a message to Jeff Kiwa to get her pregnant and start a family . What with lyrics like “Komawo onkoleko emikolo We only live once wanna want yolo, Omanyi osinga banji lolo, Yitawo osibewo ekinyolo,” (loosely translated.. come work on me sexually (emikolo) and close the chapter (osibewo ekinyolo). She talks him getting a crazy girl to believe in love again.

Addressing him as baby, she also recalls that they have come from far and started out when both were still poor.  The news of her imminent split from Jeff Kiwa comes as a shocker.

Fresh rumors reveal that the two had a disagreement concerning the songstress’ Munyonyo mansion among other money related issues.

The argument falls in line with a warning Sheebah received from singer Jose Chameleone in 2018.  Chameleone warned Sheebah not to trust her manager too much. He then claimed that Sheebah’s property can never be safe with Jeff Kiwa in possession.

Jeff Kiwa was actually Chameleone’s former manager before he broke away from the Leone Island Music Empire together with Radio and Weasel to form the Goodlyfe Crew.

Chameleone then said, ““You see that house, wait when he (Jeff) gets issues with Sheebah. It will be gone in a flash. Jeff will claim that property. Jeff is a big snake,” he said.

It seems there is no turning back for the singer and manager. Renowned media personality Jenkins Mukasa who broke the news reveals that Jeff Kiwa is looking for a new artiste to replace Sheebah while she has also scouted with in, -enlisting the help of a former tour manager to look for business.

Listen to Yolo here

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