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Sheebah calls Spice Diana and Cindy house flies

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Sheebah has taken a jab at singers Spice Diana and Cindy with a single acerbic social media post. According to her, she is honey, so she does not mix with houseflies. They mix with dirt. “Nze ndi Mubisi, sefassa nsowera. Ate okimanyi zefassa ebilala.”

The tension between Sheebah and Spice Diana has been brewing low key for a longtime but they have always played it cool in public, according to industry players. However, the last act that have them pitched against each other is the singer Spice Diana’s management dragging Sheebah’s friend, dancer Ritah Dancehall to police, where she was detained and had to apologize on camera to regain her freedom. Sheebah said that was uncalled for.

On Instagram she posted: “Weird Fact, When I posted the video of me & one of my favorite dancers @ritahdanchallwide , I had no idea of what’s happening (honestly I am still in shock). I am sad that it had to get that far cause I personally don’t think it should have gotten that far. I still think there could’ve been a better way to settle this other than jail kubanga abantu ngabatwogerera!! Bwetunasiba buli omu tunakomawa?? But then again, maybe that’s just me. Let me make a phone call and see if there’s any way we can solve this as Mature, Kind & Respectful Humans. It doesn’t have to be like this. We need more love & understanding, #FreeRita,”

Hormones kicked in and they have since cleaned their Instagram of each other after hitting the unfollow button on both ends.

It forced singer Cindy Sanyu to ask that they consider settling their on and off feud once and for all as adults instead of bickering like children. She advised them to take their feud to the stage or get physical.

Cindy and Sheebah also had a long feud over who is a better stage performer, with the former demanding a stage battle to which the later declined. And that left the battle to their fan bases online that fought till it ran out of fashion.

Meanwhile Sheebah and Spice Diana’s feud became social media fodder in 2020 and by 2021, their fans were clashing mercilessly online. 2022 the latter launched her Star Gal EP with the former as one of the guests. It was supposed to symbolize pulling the plug on their feud but going by the social media posts, the tension is still very much alive. Like Cindy stated, two people struggling for a crown cannot be friends.

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