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Sexy Aisha Alibhai cited in ex-minister’s divorce

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By Farooq Kasule

TV and PR personality Aisha Alibhai has over the years rubbished claims that she is romantically involved with former minister Gabriel Ajedra Aridru.

However, the sexy and eloquent Alibhai’s name has once again surfaced in court documents. There are claims she has the former minister like a dog on a leash.

Ajedra is so besotted with her; he converted to Islam to answer her whims.

In doing so, he completely forgot about his legally wedded wife and family.  These claims are in a court cross petition, where the former State Minister of Finance (General Duties) has petitioned court, seeking a divorce from Elizabeth  Kamuhanda Aridru, after five years of marriage.

The 59-year-old premises his petition on a child whom he says does not belong to him, which means that his wife Elizabeth cheated on him.

Documents filed at the Family division of the High Court in Makindye indicate that the two got married on January 7, 2017 at All Saints Cathedral in Nakasero, Kampala.

Ajedra says upon their marriage, the two lived at Najjera in Kira Municipality and they were blessed with two children.

He, however claims that in 2021, his wife (Elizabeth) started cheating on him with Brian Ahimbisibwe and that he found several romantic WhatsApp message exchanges between the two after coming across her phone.

Ajedra argues that his wife fraudulently represented to him that her six-year-old child belongs to him whereas not.

He argues that although the questioned child bears one of his names, the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) results indicate that he is not the biological father of the child.

Gabriel Ajedra, the state minister of finance and his fiancée Elizabeth Kamuhanda walked down the aisle at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on Saturday January 7, 2017 (Photo: file)

“Upon realisation of this cruelty, the petitioner (Ajedra) has been greatly physiologically affected. As a result of this cruelty, the portioner (Ajedra) was forced out of the matrimonial home in Najjera and sought shelter at his elder’s brother’s home,” court documents read in part.

Ajedra says his wife’s actions have occasioned him gross embarrassment, psychological and emotional torture, which has ultimately led to the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage.

He, therefore, prays for nullification of their marriage, and custody of the second child, with the wife only granted visiting rights.

Elizabeth is sued with Ahimbisibwe and they have since filed a joint answer to the petition contesting the allegations.

The wife’s cross petition

In her reply to the petition, Elizabeth argues that if there is any psychological torture suffered by Ajedra, it is self-inflicted.

The wife argues that Ajedra has since converted to Islam following his alleged marriage with Aisha Alibhai, the National Forestry Authority (NFA) public relations officer.

Elizabeth claims that she has never lived with Ajedra as husband and wife under one roof consistently because he was allegedly never around for most of the days save for short-lived weekend visits.

She also claims that Ajedra owned several houses in Kampala where he allegedly stayed with several mistresses and only returned to their home when he needed her company.

Elizabeth also denies having engaged in any adulterous or extra-marital sexual relationship, but she only faked a relationship with Ahimbisibwe to draw Ajedra’s attention, who had purportedly abandoned her.

She argues that Ahimbisibwe is her adoptive brother, having been purportedly raised by her parents and that they consider each other as actual siblings.

Elizabeth also denies having represented the contested child as that of Ajedra, saying she was already pregnant at the time the two rekindled their relationship and that Ajedra was aware of it.

She also accuses Ajedra of selling off their marital home and renting for them in Mbalwa and later shifted to the unfinished remote home in Sonde-Wakiso district, where she currently resides with no support at all.

“Contrary to what the petitioner (Ajedra) says, it the first respondent (Elizabeth) who has over the years painfully endured psychological and emotional torture and embarrassment due to the petitioner’s awful and outrageous acts towards the first respondent. He has always assaulted the first respondent (Elizabeth) and he is fond of verbally insulting her using demeaning and abusive language,” court documents read in part.

Elizabeth claims that Ajedra always referred to her as a worthless woman whom he never desired to marry.

She also objects to grant custody of children to him, saying he purportedly confessed to her that he hates staying with children in absence of their mother and he, therefore, doesn’t qualify for the same.

The battle over property

In her cross-petition, Elizabeth accuses Ajedra of allegedly wasting the property, which they jointly acquired on several of his supposed mistresses such as Aisha Alibhai, Jennifer Nyakato, Benna Annete Murozi and Mickey Bibiana.

She accuses Ajedra of diverting the money which was meant for the construction of their children’s home in Sonde, Wakiso and instead used it to allegedly construct one for Aisha Alibhai in Najjera, a city suburb.

Elizabeth also claims interest in Ajedra’s house in Block 246, plot 991 in Munyonyo, saying it was their designated matrimonial home and that it was acquired shortly after their wedding.

She also accuses Ajedra of duping her and he sold their home in Najjeera, claiming that they were going to use the proceeds to construct another house in Sonde, Wakiso district, but he never fulfilled the same.

Elizabeth claims that the house in Najjera was sold at sh670m, but only sh450m was deposited on their joint account and that Ajedra purportedly started withdrawing the money illicitly and by the time she realised it, only sh120m was remaining.

She also claims a vehicle registration number UAW 333S, which she argues that it is her marriage gift and that she has video footage showing Ajedra gifting it to her.

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