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Self-partnered: Ugandan celebs in love with themselves

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Thursday, November 11, was the Single’s Day. The day, with origins in China was originally called the Bachelor’s Day. It is an unofficial holiday and shopping season that celebrates people who are not in relationships.

Singles’ Day serves as an occasion for single people to meet for parties to be organised. Whereas there was no shopping back here, we have a host of single celebrities who are in love with themselves. They are ‘self-partnered’ and posture like they love the single life.

Frank Gashumba

He is the poster man for singles. Every year, since the 90’s he hints on marriage, but it always ends there. With his daughter well in her 20’s, he is not the type to rush. “I am not married and I will not marry in a few years to come. There are many qualities I look for in a woman and so far I have not gotten any from any woman,” he has repeatedly said.
Women who have tried albeit with little success to snare Gashumba tell stories of a neat freak who will just not let any woman step on his Persian rug or get comfortable in his silk bed sheets.

Albeit being single, he is generous contributing to other people’s weddings. He recently threw a hint on marriage at Canary Mugume’s wedding when he tweeted: “Until it is my turn I will keep clapping for others! Congratulations Canary and Sasha”.

Frank Gashumba

James Onen

He is well into his 40’s and in the world of James Onen, popularly known as Fat Boy; marriage is the only war where you go to bed with the enemy. Ever since he shed his excess weight, he now looks like a poor version of Denzel Washington. When you add his wit and calculated jibes towards women, many have tried to snare him and demystify his pride. He is yet to bait.

James Onen swears he will never marry. Not in a million years. Yet, he dreams of having children one day and only after he has found the right woman. In Onen’s estimation, marriage is not practical.

“In the past, marriage worked because it was needed for survival. It was difficult for a woman to survive without a man and vice versa. Children were an input, economically,” he argued.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe

If you ever want Pastor Wilson Bugembe to veer from the Holy word, mention marriage. Over the years, he has spoken about the pressures to marry. “Do you want me to marry myself? I have not yet found the right person,” he recently fumed from the pulpit. He made it clear that he is very happy (being single) and is living the best life.

Recently, internet in-laws were too fast in congratulating Pastor Wilson Bugembe for ‘finally considering holy matrimony’. This was after a a photograph of the pastor and his alleged ‘future wife’ flashing her engagement ring hit the social media and his fans were so excited and happy for him.

Bugembe rubbished the news and revealed the girl was happily married to an American husband.

Eddy Kenzo

For Eddy Kenzo, the first cut was always the deepest. Ever since his romance with Rema was called off five years ago, he has been sleeping in a foetal position, alone. The singer who has been linked to a legion of women, distances himself from all the insinuations. He claims that all he cares for is his music and women can wait. For how long?

Spice Diana

How singer Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana is single still baffles. Whenever the chance manifests, she will inform all and sundry how she is single.

When Tanzanian Star Diamond Platnumz lovingly gazed in her eyes, we assumed she is going to join his rich list of conquests in the region, but nothing materialised. She however shares a unique relationship with her manager Roger. Their relationship has been equated to a man using sugarcane as a walking stick because at one time he will have to eat it.

Spice Diana

Lydia Jazmine

Ever since she was accused of causing the break up between Kenzo and Rema Namakula, she has always maintained that she is single and not searching.

Jazmine says she has suffered from complicated relationship issues at the hands of young unserious men and will only get back to dating when she finda a real man.

Jazmine was previously dating her manager Bushingtone and musician Chozen. She was rumoured to have flings with Fik Fameica and Grenade, but she rubbished the insinuations.

Sheebah Karungi

She recently celebrated her 32nd birthday and in the world of Sheebah Karungi, the only person who matters is Sheebah.

She has no child and no man, but it does not bother her one bit. While in an interview with Urban TV, the Team No Sleep singer disclosed that she is still single because men fear approaching her.

She even showed how determined she was when she revealed that she was the “Coolest Nakyeyombekedde Ever” . She explained that “nakyeyombekedde” is an independent woman that has built her personality without the help of a father, husband or anyone. “I would rather stay single than fall for a wrong man,” she said. She rubbished claims she was dating her manager Jeff Kiwa.

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