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Savouring Tamarai restaurant’s small Thai thighs

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo                                            

For one to appreciate small thighs, go to Lower Terrace Kololo in Tamarai Restaurant. They are served under a grass thatched structure serving Thai (Thailand) cuisines for a decade. Spices in the kitchen tease and leave any diner’s tongue teased and twisted.

While there last Saturday, September 3, 2022, I sampled the small chicken thighs, a tiny mountain of rice and thick brown sauce. This is how it all started. The petit manager Gloria Apolin offered me a complimentary cup of coffee. It was served to froth thick and strong. The sweet scent kissed my nose to leave the taste buds rioting.

On Apolin’s heels came Chef Amina Haruna who danced out of the kitchen to help me take my pick from a long menu that includes: Japanese Sushi and continental cuisines.

Girls just wanna have meat at Tamarai Restaurant in Kololo. Photo by Titus Kakembo

“The signature peanut sauce is somewhere between sweet and savoury. It is the Thai way of adding depth to any dish,” confided Amina. “I recommend you sample Phad Thai which is just noodles.”

Adventurous a diner, I have always been but, this time I took no chances. I   settled for chicken something and white rice. After ten minutes two plates were before me. I accorded them the attention a surgeon gives a patient on the operation table in a theatre. The sauce moved lazily in the steaming rice.

Shredded pork, chicken, mutton and goat’s meat combined with small chicken thighs. Photo by Titus Kakembo

After tasting one, I could not stop picking another, another and another. The tender picks have punctuated a spoon of rice. Hot pepper made them yummier. Then it dawned on me that the coffee scent was still battling for my attention.

I enjoyed the small thighs which were served paired. In one corner they are hot spices and sweet in another. The ingredients include light citrus flavours of lime and mango ones. Yummier is an understatement.

Wait a minute, after wolfing every morsel as I walk away an advert grabs my attention – Meat Roast Day.

“It is sh75, 000 for one to eat and have their fill on Sunday,” explains Apolin. “I will be back.”

Come Sunday at 1:00 pm and there I was again. I saw beefy diners wearing bling waddle out of small cars and fuel-guzzling 4WD. Some of their mixed-race children come cute. They energetically saunter about the area with smartphones and tablets. They chat about cartoons and popular TV programs like Nickelodeon.

That is how sipping is done at Tamarai in Kololo Photo by Titus Kakembo

The 100-sitting capacity filled up swallows dating couples as well.  The smoking section, VIP and the secret lover’s nook were covered on the meat day.

The Fruits of Talent band treated diners’ live Jazz music booming out of an elderly sound system. Meat, salads and ice cream were eaten as feet tapped to the old beats. Tumblers of wine were tipped as they were emptied to the double. 

For sh75, 000 one eats until they have their fill and the staff like Mike pamper every client to feel like Kabaka Mutebi.  At the bar, spirits are served in a mysterious way that words cannot describe.

“On the rocks.”

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