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Sasha Vybz backs Nigeria’s TG Omori to set videography world record

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci pulled off a formidable feat of actively cooking for about 100 hours since she turned on her cooker on May 11, 2023. Although Baci is still waiting for confirmation from the Guinness World Record team, she has inspired a videographer.

Nigeria’s TG Omori, a celebrated multi award winning videographer, has set his eyes on setting his own record, filming all across Nigeria to create one video.

On Monday, May 15, he tweeted: “Abi make I break record use the whole country shoot one video.”

While it sounds like wild ambition, Ugandan videographer Sasha Vybz says it is very much possible to accomplish with human resource, equipment and logistical support to match. He stated that he himself filmed in over seven districts in Uganda to piece together one video. And Sasha concedes that was possible largely because it was a political project titled Sevo-lution. The over four-minute video was filmed over two years ago.

“It is very possible to film all across Nigeria. Across Africa would be hard. I have personally filmed one video across seven districts in Uganda – Kampala, Jinja, Tororo, Napak, Kotido, Mbarara, Kisoro, Hoima.” Then Sasha claimed that he holds that record locally.  

TG Omori, he says, will need a bigger team, equipment and logistical support.

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