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Sandra Teta returns, Weasel thinking of wedding

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Weasel is over the moon following the return of his baby mama, Sandra Teta, who left for Rwanda in August 2022 after a beating that nearly left her unrecognisable.

At the time, the public and women’s rights organisations spoke out against the singer’s behaviour, but the most vocal person was his sister-in-law, Daniella Atim, who wanted the law to take its course.

Teta alleged that child neglect was one of the reasons for that episode of domestic violence.

Weasel has revealed that Teta has since returned after over nine months that saw him at least mimic maturity in many ways, and he is now planning a kukyala ceremony.

Recall that after mama of two Teta left, Weasel trimmed off his trademark dreads, sparking rumours that it was an order by her parents as a precondition for her return.

At his brother Jose Chameleone’s Gwanga Mujje concert presser early this year, Weasel noted that he was fixing his image for his introduction ceremony.

And also in January 2023, he committed to being ready to become a good husband and suggested marrying Teta.

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