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Sandra Teta denies being thumped by Weasel

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Pictures have emerged showing Sandra Teta, singer Weasel’s baby mama bloodied and beaten.  According to multiple reports, the mother-of-two was physically beaten by a jilted Weasel after a disagreement.

However, Teta, 32, reveals that the horrific injuries she suffered were at the hands of goons. She denies she was beaten by Weasel.  Taking to social media, Teta, who works at Nomad bar in Bunga, reveals that she was heading home after work when she fell into an “ambush” of goons. 

She further reveals that the thieves made off with her handbag, smart phone and sh1.3m.  “It happened on Friday last week and I have been receiving treatment. I am on my way to recovery,” she wrote.

Weasel and Sandra Teta have lived together for five years now. File Photo

Close sources however reveal that she was indeed battered because the timing of her beating and the fact the couple’s children were dumped at the gates of Nomad bar don’t add up, if indeed it was goons who beat her up.  Besides, Weasel has had a streak of battering lovers and workers.  

Weasel and Sandra have been together for close to five years and their intimacy is said to have sparked immediately after Weasel broke-up with his first baby mama, Shamira.

Sandra Teta, a former Miss Rwanda University 2014, was born in Uganda in 1991. She spent her childhood in Kampala, Uganda before her family returned to Rwanda after the 1994.  She returned after meeting up with Weasel.

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