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Salvador scoffs at TikToker Brennan over threatening to sue a Twitter troll

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Sensational TikTok content creator Brennan Ekoyu has threatened to send a self-styled Twitter ‘influencer’ @AllanSseky to the coolers for using his content off the Chinese video sharing App to troll him online.

This particular video has him wearing an African print dress with blue lipstick juxtaposed with a meme of media personality Simon Kaggwa Njala from some famous interview as if to question his choice of attire and makeup, with ladylike mannerisms.

Ekoyu built his career off mimicking high school female teachers.

He threatened legal action and said Sseky will hear from his lawyers.

“Hey @AllanSseky you will hear from my lawyers soon. Stop posting my pics when I am doing my content. Please, you don’t know me that much to think whatever you could, ain’t your family member or relative. Stay warned, brother. Thank you.”

However, city comedian Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi is wary of what is likely to become a trend in the entertainment industry, especially after singer Spice Diana and Ritah Dancehall’s escapades that escalated real fast up to the police, detention and an apology. He opined that the industry players are becoming petty and unable to take criticism.

Salvador wrote: “I think we are now becoming too petty. As a creative, being criticised, abused or insulted is part of the job… Let’s be calm guys, no matter how painful it is, we need these abusers .. Nze naguma as long as my family isn’t involved.”

In January, The Man from Ombokolo noted that he realised his resilience after he met President Yoweri Museveni at State House Nakasero in 2020 and the photos surfaced online subjecting him to all kinds of criticism.

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