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Salim Saleh is not giving musicians cash handouts – OWC

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By Cecilia Okoth

Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has dismissed allegations mostly peddled on social media, that it is currently involved in giving cash handouts to artists and musicians.  

Instead, it clarified in a statement released on Thursday, that Gen Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh, the chief coordinator OWC has been engaging with different stakeholders in the creative and performing arts industry. 

This according to Maj Kiconco Tabaro, the OWC spokesperson, is mostly meant to consult and explore ways in which OWC can be a vehicle for facilitating different kinds of support and other strategies to help the country deal with the harsh effects of COVID-19 on the economy. 

It is also premised on the fact that the creative and performing arts industry has been one of the most hard-hit sectors of the economy given its nature of operation. 

“Artists and musicians have been unable to perform and hold concerts for the past two years. This has severely affected their earning potential and has left many of them without alternative means of survival,” he said.  

In response to the crisis, OWC just like it has done for other sectors of the economy, is carrying out and providing mindset change educational training and workshops designed to empower artists, build capacity and equip them with the requisite skills to handle shocks that can impede their ability to earn a living in the future. 

OWC was launched by President Yoweri Museveni in July 2013, as an intervention to efficiently facilitate national socio-economic transformation focused on raising household incomes and transforming subsistence farmers into commercial farmers. 

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