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Running for her; Fathers’ day run 2022 on

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer 

On Sunday,  19th June 2022, the Whole world will be celebrating Father’s day. Back here in Uganda, the Remnant Generation, an NGO based in Kampala is set to celebrate it in a more fashionable way.

According to the CEO of Remnant Generation  Annabelle Nakabiri Ssebakijje she has come up with a theme of the day “ Fathers’ Day Run Fundraiser 2022”. Here fathers have been called upon to come and participate and ‘run for her’ and raise UGX 150million ($42,000) to reach out to 1,000 teenage mothers and 1,000 babies in eight Safe Motherhood spaces spread out in four (4) Districts in Uganda – Kampala, Wakiso, Lyantonde and Luuka.

The run will cover the areas o Busega and Lungujja Kampala.Men, Fathers and Fathers at heart – (you don’t have to have biological children to have a heart for children) are expected to jump on this opportunity to offer a hand.

Safe motherhood spaces are one of the NGOS’s initiatives to ensure teenage mothers receive much-needed ante-natal and ultrasound services which are inaccessible to the majority of them because of the stigma they face and the remote nature of their villages in relation to the nearest medical centre.

In these spaces, teen moms receive group-based and age-appropriate maternal health information, and stigma free antenatal care services, and are encouraged to freely share their fears and challenges during this stage in their lives. It is also a good time for teen moms to bond with the midwives who walk the pregnancy journey with them until they deliver.

Through these spaces teen moms are identified who are highly vulnerable and need extra services like mental health care, nutritional support or help with family reconciliation. Remnant Generation is partnering with Father’s Arise – A Program that works to restore and mentor boys into responsible men.

Without the men ARISING and standing up to be better husbands, fathers, brothers and friends, not much can be achieved. When boys don’t have a clear definition of what a man should be as they grow up, when girls grow up without a loving, involved and present father, they will gravitate towards what’s familiar – absenteeism and abuse respectively.

“It is time to break the pattern so that our children can have a better future. We want to see a better generation with men being more actively involved in raising and protecting families. This is God’s Heart. We need men present and engaged in protecting, advocating for, nurturing and caring for their children, as well as mentoring their fellow men to become responsible fathers” Annabelle says.

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