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Rukh-shana married Facebook fan

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Meeting and dating someone on social media is okay as long it’s just that. Marriage, on the other hand, is a totally different ball game.  Don’t tell that to seasoned media and communication specialist, Rukh-Shana Namuyimba.

She got married to Felix Kitaka, a senior software consultant over the weekend. In a typical case of fantasy meeting reality, it has been revealed that the couple met on Facebook and it started with a random “Hi”

The Kampala Sun learns that before the two became a couple, Felix was always fond of Rukh-Shana’s work and considered her his number one news anchor. He happened to confess this through a Facebook post back in 2018.

The newly-wed couple started it off with Felix crushing on the TV anchor on social media (Photo: Internet)

Kitaka’s post eventually gained him some attention and a year later, the two got to meet and the rest is history. Over the weekend, the couple was all smiles holding hands as they celebrated their union with friends and family.

Attendees tell The Kampala Sun that a highly emotional Rukh-Shana, whose daughter played the flower girl role, revealed that Felix was that one thing that had been missing in her life to make her complete.

The couple dated for sometime before making it official. (Photo: Internet)

Edwin Musiime who was also present at the ceremony wrote;

“Congratulations are in order upon your nuptials my dear friend Rukh-shana. May your paths shine even brighter. Felix you have found a good thing and hence favour from the Lord”

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