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Rugby Cranes drown training stress in the pool

by Editorial Team
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With their body packs out, the female revellers at the Bweyogerere based swimming pool and female workers had more than enough optical nutrition. 
Uganda will host Ghana and Algeria in Pool C from July 10-18, 2021 at Kyadondo Rugby Club in the capital Kampala, but all matches will be played behind closed doors as the teams operate in a strict bubble to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

By Julius Senyimba
Since day one in camp, Uganda Rugby Cranes players have been undergoing an intense training program characterised by weight lifting. 
Besides the strength drills, also conditioning has been part of the menu ahead of two big games at Kyadondo rugby grounds starting this Saturday. 
With the head coach Brian Makalama announcing the soldiers he will take to the battle field in a 28 man sqaud to raise the Black, Yellow and Red flag high in the forthcoming 2021 Rugby Africa Cup.
After making the cut, it was just and right for players to relax and cool off and drown the intense training stress in a swimming pool session.

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