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Ronald Mayinja denies UK exile rumours

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By Alfred Byenkya

Former Eagles Production and Golden Band Production musician Ronald Mayinja has denied reports that he has relocated to the United Kingdom.

In a live interview that he did with a local television station on Friday, May 26, Mayinja confirmed that he is in London on a three weeks’ trip, but he has not relocated.

“I came here to have time with my wife and children because they have been living here for sometime. When the visit is done, I will come back to Kampala and continue doing my businesses as I have been doing,” he said.

Mayinja said the reason why he is in London is because of his children that are supposed to begin school soon and he had to fly from Uganda to the UK to make sure that they begin their studies.

Mayinja and wife Aisha in earlier times

“All my children are here. I came with others when I was coming here. Secondly, my house in Kampala is under renovation and after that, it will be advertised for rent because I have other houses where I will be staying when I come back. I don’t want bloggers to go there because they will be arrested,” he warned

Mayinja also revealed that he is a dual citizen of England and Uganda and does not need to ask for a visa while going to there.

“I have two national identity cards; one for England and another one for Uganda. How can people say that I have relocated yet I still have national identity cards and passports of the two countries,” he asked.

Mayinja said he has had all these privileges and opportunities, but he chose to keep them to himself because they are not for media consumption.

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