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Romance tips after Valentine’s Day

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By Titus Kakembo

To some couples, every day is Valentine’s Day. They dine out, whisper sweet nothings, to each other, on a regular basis. They also exchange compliments orally, steal glances and keep tabs on each other on social media to remind themselves about being thought about.

The question on many minds is how do you make the heart of your dream partner, spouse or lover palpitate with excitement even after Valentine’s Day?

 “These are childish things,” a conservative David Muwanguzi rubbishes it. “For married couples, the wisdom of my ancestors has it that you do not bait a fish that you already have!”

But romance is what Jean Nantumbwe relishes and looks forward to all her life. The more reason Telenovela has a growing following in the community.

 “He opened up and said he had a crush on me,” recounts how her lover did it. “What followed was Kwanjula and the wedding. It was so hurried you would think we had a deadline.”

“There are times I wish we were still dating,” adds Nantumbwe. “It is those surprise gifts, partying and dancing that keeps the love steam hot.”

She misses the friends they used to go bangy jumping with, climbing rocks and nature walks.

A couple engages in a passionate kiss on Valentines Day. Such displays disappear after February 14. (Photo: file)

“It was fun,” recounts Natumbwe. “If there is a time in my life, I feel like replaying-it is that time when a touch was missed and a peck was part of our daily diet!”

Tips on how to make merry

-Couples need a place where they can seat to dine and wine as they bond. This is one way of saying “I love you” not verbally.

-There is a need for a regular disconnect from the stress at work, delete the stress of shopping lists of back-to-school kids, and Covid-19 Lockdown hard times.

“Stop gawking and envying social media photos of happy couples with Murchison Falls or gorillas in the background. Let it be you sharing you and your partner in the photo. Smiling from ear to ear,” says a self-styled relationship counsellor in Makindye Senga Nalubwama.

She urges couples to seat together and plan their future in terms of investment, retirement and holidays.

Try to stay away from mobile phone distractions when you are together. Come nightfall and you could go stargazing. Play those childhood games of mentioning a wish when a shooting star was seen.

“It is still traditionally believed to come true,” says Monica Kisauzi in Masaka.

A couple pose in matching outfits on Valentines Day 2022 (Photo: Twitter)

“To break home monotony, I hope to get naughty in every room in the house,” confides Robert Kiboli in Mbalua.

He says this naughtiness comes after listening to poetry, sipping Black Label, ajon, and listening to music.

“Song of Songs in the Bible makes a good read,” asserts Kiboli. “Love songs can be accessed on YouTube. In the past, we used to write to each other love letters.”

Okot Job in Gulu intends to stay awake all night long.

“I hope to crack our ribs with comedy which is also on YouTube, the BJs for a pint of beer and Nyama Choma.

Generally observing, the cake is optional on this Valentine’s Day. Good enough there are numerous baking service providers spread all over the country. One could sneak in there and order one with sweet words embedded in it.

They could bake it in a shape of a heart.

The other dine worth a bite is Pizza which is lately gaining popularity among males and females. They come in vegetables or beef -it depends on one’s preference. They are yummier with cheese spread.

Alternatively, like Okot in Gulu, dining or dining out can be fun even after Valentine’s Day. There are restaurants serving hard liquor, coffee, or spiced tea. Others specialize in traditional dishes, Indian, Chinese, or Thailand.

 With Covid-19 SOPs theatre entertainment is ideal for lovers watching plays or comedy skits. This can be a treat with lots of Nyama Choma (beef roast.) In walking distance is Theater Labonita. And folks out of town could opt for Ndere Troupe Center.

Having indoor games lovers play

There are numerous games like Scrabble, Ludo, or Omweso (board game.) Thereafter, if you have not – you could drop on a bended knee and propose marriage.

Fry some popcorn and opt to bury your selves in bed to watch a movie. It could be some romantic piece or a love story.

Messages on social media have replaced card exchange. But there are folks who are short of words to send their lovers. Use phrases like: True Love Still Exists, I Love You For Keeps and If I was Adam In Eden with you I would have been tempted.

Once in a while prepare dinner together for a change. It could be pilao, Katogo, or Rolex. This is fun and could climax with Karaoke singing of your favourite song.

Nature appreciation can be fun when a couple goes bird watching. It is best done from 6:00 am just in your backyard. It is done by logging every bird seen or heard tweeting.

One would be surprised to learn how interesting this hobby is. The details of how birds court, build nests, hatch, and feed will keep stalking them.

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