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Roden Y ends beef with Pallaso

by Editorial Team
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By Paul Waiswa

For some years down the road, singers Roden Y Kabako and Pallaso have not seen eye-to-eye. Their beef was so much so that they went to an extent of staging music concerts on the same date.

The fights have been verbal and to some extent lyrical.  Kabako seems to have ended the beef.  

With just a few days to have his concert take place, Roden Y Kabako has rubbished claims that he holds any grudge with fellow singer Pallaso and has even invited him at his concert this weekend.

The singer is remembered to have been at rift with Pallaso over the years until today when he has come clean and invited Pallaso to his concert.

It should be remembered that both singers once belonged to Team No Sleep until Pallaso quit to form Team Good Music before joining Karma Iven management

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