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Rocky Giant fully rehabilitated, vindicates Buchaman

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By Ahmad Muto
Rapper Rocky Giant, real name Fred Giriya claims he is fully rehabilitated, after about six months at the City of Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Nameere, Mpererwe, Gayaza road.
Admitted in March, he went there shortly after he was battered by singer Buchaman according to a video that was widely circulated on social media at the time. He ordered the singer who was seen kneeling to stop calling himself the ‘ghetto president.’ It left the presidential envoy on ghetto affairs open to accusation that he was the trigger that drove the rapper to rehabilitation. However, Giant says Buchaman is not responsible for his woes, he blames substance abuse for his problems. 
Now Rocky Giant says he is a new person, with awareness about drug abuse and its effects. According to the facility where he was treated, Rocky Giant abused marijuana and tobacco, that got him socially unhinged. He noted that he was repulsive to the idea of being taken to the facility because he felt he was normal yet to his family, he had totally changed. It was later that it hit him that they were right.
However, now he regrets espousing substance abuse because he has a bill of about sh20m to clear so he can leave the facility. 
In June, his brother Robert Aluma came out in the media to ask for help for the rapper after it emerged the bill went up every night he spent at the facility.

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