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Roast and Rhyme best style moments

by Editorial Team
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By Nicholas O’Neal

The Roast and Rhyme fest at Jahazi Pier on Sunday was not about music and meat per se.  It was also about style and fashion.

Revellers put in an effort and the fest also had its style moments. While some looked effortlessly cool, especially in line with the reggae Rastafarian theme, others dressed like they wanted to be undressed.  Below are some of the fashionistas that caught our attention

She strutted elegantly in her overflowing outfit (credits: Nicholas Oneal)

Best foot forward: The trio was in sync with the Reggae theme (Credits: Nicholas Oneal)

She oozed confidence in her micro mini skirt ( Credits: Nicholas Oneal)

Age ain’t nothing but a number ( Credits: Nicholas Oneal)

Orange fashion: They looked resplendent in their organce out fit and caught the attention of our lens (credits : Nicholas Oneal)

A couple at the Roast and Rhyme fest (credits: Nicholas Oneal)

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