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Rick Man’s hair looks like rebel leader Kony’s, says Gashumba

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By Francis Emukule

By now, it is public knowledge that self-proclaimed motivational speaker Frank Gashumba’s trials of being a father are out in the open.

He narrated his painful experience raising his daughter, Sheila Gashumba, in a leaked 10-minute audio recording.

In the audio, he decries the disrespect his daughter Sheila has shown him, the despicable class of men she hangs around, her extravagant lifestyle, and her lack of accountability and planning in what she does.

One of the other things that stood out was his opposition to his daughter’s choice of men. He described her former boyfriend, commonly known as “God’s Plan,” as a thug. He then likened her current boyfriend to Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony.

“That thug (Rick Man) with a pierced nose and hair that looks like Kony’s can never be my son-in-law, even in my grave,” Gashumba said. 

Frank Gashumba

It seems as though Gashumba was not amused by the fact that his daughter lets her boyfriend drive the car he bought her.

“What kind of man are you dating that can’t buy himself a car?” “For all my life, I have never driven a car owned by a woman I date.”

However, in an interview, Rick Man admitted to being a broke man who is in love with a rich woman.

“I am a broke man just like any other man out there; it is not bad to have a rich woman, and if it hurts you that I am enjoying her man, come take it from me,” he said.

We don’t know how this will go on, but a lot more is bound to happen; let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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