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Rich kids of Kampala go all out on Halloween Night

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer
From spooky vibes to the awesome costumes, Forking Around Kampala proprietor and Tanqueray brand ambassador Lucy Bunyenyezi, better known as Lucy Smize hosted the ultimate Halloween party for her close knit circle of friends over the weekend.
Photos that she posted on her social media platforms show that guests went all out with their costumes, true to the Halloween tradition.
“A Halloween with Tanqueray Gin. S/o to my guests who didn’t disappoint,” Lucy posted on her Instagram.

The Rich Kids pf Kampala led by Nadia Matovu ( 2nd left) during the Halloween  party

Lucy, the host showed up as Tinkerbell, a fairy tale princess from a Disney animation, Nadia Matovu came as Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt who became Julius Ceasar’s mistress to save her Kingdom while celebrated fashion designer Anita Beryl donned a Wonder Woman costume from the 2017 hit movie. One of the guys channelled Kanye West with his full mask and bomber jacket but the winner was arguably the guy who showed up as a safe boda rider, complete with a helmet.
From the guest list, extravagant costumes donned, spooky decoration, the food,Tanqueray cocktails from the Amplified Bartenders to the set-up, meticulous attention was paid to every detail.
Whereas many theories revolve around the origin of Halloween, the day that is celebrated every October 31 has evolved into a fete were people engage in spooky celebrations.


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