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Revellers thrilled by Tondeka e’ Kiwatule performances

by Editorial Team
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By Simon Peter Tumwiine

Revellers were treated to epic performances from Kampala’s finest artists and comedians at the Tondeka E Kiwatule on Boxing Day at Kiwatule Recreation Center

During the Bizonto performance on stage, they awarded Gravity Omutujju as the crybaby of the year after Eddy Kenzo, Luba Event and Chris Evans in various scenarios where they were seen crying before the cameras.

Fans streamed in early for the concert at Kiwatule. Photo. Simon Peter Tumwiine

They also awarded Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata with the dullest worn bridal wear on her wedding day.

During the event, Bugembe said it has been indeed God that has brought us through all the hard times. As he sang “Omwoyo We,” he was joined by media personality MC Kats and they performed together.

Revellers looking on during the concert at Kiwatule Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

“I studied with MC Kats in the same school and class. I have long preached to him to give his life to Jesus but this has also been in vain,” Bugembe said.

Eddy Kenzo looking on during the Tondeka e Kiwatule concert on December 26 Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

Kenzo appreciated Bebe Cool for always looking forward to promoting Uganda’s music across the globe.

“I have befriended a lot of people but I have always been let down. But Bebe has always been there for Ugandan musicians although many of them don’t like him.

There is one of us who thinks that he is above all of us, he thinks all artists are below him and should come to him before making any show or concert for blessing,” Kenzo said.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe had such a big impact on the audience at Kiwatule. Photo by Simpon Peter Tumwiine

At around 1:10 am, the stage in Kiwatule recreation centre went dark and silent and suddenly fog appeared from nowhere. The sound of the African drums was heard from a far distance and boom people dressed in white robes and boots appeared on stage.

Comedians Madrat and Chiko performed early for the revellers in Kiwatule. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine

In their centre, the main man of the show Bebe Cool who had donned on black dark shades, black silky clothes, a cap and black boot shoes lifted his head up high as the crowds went nuts as they shouted out his name.

A reveller gets emotional during Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s performance. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine

In his first statement, he “Bwekaba kaatono kabera Kankolela” and there came a small slender girl with a small nyash that came from the back up to shake and show them what her mama gave her.

Revellers singing to the tunes of the artists at Tondeka e Kiwatule concert on December 26 Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

Two years down the road, Tondeka E Kiwatule concert had been put on halt due to COVID-19.

Jose Chameleon performing during the Tondeka e Kiwatule concert on December 26 Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

Some of the artists that performed included Fik Fameica, Madrat and Chiko, Mc Mariachi, Zex Bilangilangi, Mudra, Kataleya and Kandle among others.

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