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Remmie tells Don Zella to back off her engagement

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By Ahmad Muto
City socialite Don Zella lit up the internet on Wednesday, October 13, taking to Facebook hours after it became public that media personality Precious Remmie got engaged.
According to Zella, she knows the man, Raymond, like the back of her hand and can therefore confirm he is a crook and advised Remmie not to marry him. She claimed that they were together on Friday, July 16 this year and he took her to his place after denying having a girlfriend. She added that Raymond is the type that loves fame so Remmie is just one of the vehicles he is using for that purpose.
Well, Remmie responded on Thursday, October 14, saying getting engaged is not something every woman gets so for her it is a great achievement because no single woman, however beautiful can give herself a ring. She added that she is the one with the man, photos of him hugging other women should be a big deal. She has challenged Don Zella to produce evidence of the man conning someone or getting married otherwise he is her man and she is his wife-to-be. She continued that the man is known to her close friends as one who has loved and invested in her so she does not need advice from anyone.
Well, social media too was not impressed by Don Zella’s claims. They argued that the timing of the socialite’s claims is wrong and inconsiderate of the fact that people change.
Lawrence Kigongo: “This is wrong! Past does not define someone’s future, we all did bad mistakes in the past, but it does not mean we are still the same. People change and grow. No one is perfect Don. This is so bad of you. If he has sex with you, that is already in the past. He is a new man, he changed. Sometimes it is better to mind your business… ohhh people are just heartless.” She replied: “So he changed in two months ha ha ha.”
After receiving a barrage of criticism and accusations, she put her tail between her legs and posted that it was nothing personal. “Banange nothing is personal on our dear sister. I was just trying to clean up the bazinyi association era I stand with our sister and congratulate her honestly.”

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