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Rema versus Doreen Kabareebe spat divides women online

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Rema Namakula became a subject of attack by city socialite Doreen Kabareebe after a statement she made about her conduct (in music videos) – of not letting men touch her body – became a subject of contention.

Rema explained that she does not allow men to touch her because she wants her children to respect their bodies.
However, Kabareebe felt like as much as it is a good message, it came from the wrong person.

She argued that the singer has two children already – one with her husband Hamza Sebunya, and the other with singer Eddy Kenzo out of wedlock, therefore, disqualifying her from having the moral authority to make statements in regards to respecting bodies.

Kasita oba nga you have kids with different men nga ate wazaala tebanakuwasa, there’s no decency there. True character isn’t judged by what we wear, but rather our real behaviour when no one is watching us,” wrote the socialite. 

While some ladies felt Kabareebe’s comment was uncalled for and an attack on many, others agreed with her entirely:
@LaJoliest wrote: “But why are ladies hurt about this post? What Doreen replied is the truth. You can’t pick and choose which rules to apply and which one to ignore. If you want to judge someone else, make sure you are 100% perfect. Otherwise, Rema was just being a hypocrite and she got silenced.”

@Karungi_mariana replied: “I can’t believe people are here to side with Doreen. Rema left a relationship and got married somewhere else and after got another baby. Rema left Kenzo because he wasn’t making it official with her. Moral of the story, when she got pregnant, she wanted things to be formal and it failed.”

@kamaroma22: “Doreen, like the rest of us all, has no moral stand to judge or comment on anything that has to do with good behaviour.”

Rema who has also been consistently conservative with her dressing caused a lot of excitement among her legion of optically-starved fans in 2018 when she turned up for a gig in Gulu donning a skimpy dress a few inches above her knees. 

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