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Record Erah Butida apologises to mother in new song, mother blasts him instead

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By Joan Murungi

Two days ago, Bakabasajja hit maker Ashraf Makumbi alias Record Erah Butida appeared in a video crying that his mother had disowned him.

He pointed out that some media stories about him made his mother believe that he is irresponsible. Butida said she told him never to face her.

“My mother disowned me and wished for me to die. My mother is the only person that has always stood by me. I am so broken that our bond is no more. She believes I am irresponsible and that I take a lot of drugs,” he said.

“There is no person that doesn’t want his or her mother’s love. My mother believes that I am a spoilt kid because of the bad things people tell her about me,” Butida revealed.

In a bid to apologise to his mother, he hit the studio on Thursday, March 16, to record the song, Nsonyiwa Maama.

In the song, the singer admits to taking drugs and promises to stop the habit.

Let me quit drugs so that I can wipe away your tears, mother. Please don’t disown me. I am on my knees. You are my true friend. I am sorry that I turned out to be the person you never wanted me to be. I never got spoilt. I spend nights in the music studio because I am trying to avoid stress. I need your blessing in whatever I do,” Butida poured out his heart in the song.

During an interview on March 16, Butida’s mother revealed that if her son wants to apologise, he should find her at her home because that is where he wronged her from.

According to her, whenever Butida takes drugs, he starts insulting her.

She went ahead and revealed that her son got wasted ever since he joined the music industry. She accused him of taking drugs.

“If he wants me to forgive him, he should find a job and start taking care of his two children that are under my care. He should turn back to Christ and quit living a ghetto life. I don’t have children from the ghetto. I am a Born-Again Christian. Look at his hair. He looks like a mad man,” she said.

Butida’s mother says her son has brought her so much shame.

“I wished him death because he revealed about how he wants to commit suicide. Which kind of responsible father would like to commit suicide and leave behind two innocent children?”

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