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Rayvanny weds baby mama in secret marriage ceremony

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By Kampala Sun writer

Bongo Flava star Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahyma have reportedly wedded just three months after getting back together. The journey to wedded bliss was not smooth.

The Next Level Music founder dumped Fahyma in 2020 and immediately started a relationship with teen socialite Paula Kajala making their relationship public on Valentine’s Day.

However, their relationship was short-lived, with the affair encountering numerous challenges. It emerged that Harmonize was seducing Paula at the same time he was dating her mother, actress Frida Kajala.

A few months later, Rayvanny announced that he and Paula had split and immediately got back with Fahyma, who, even after being dumped, continued to confess undying love to the ‘Tetema’ hitmaker.

Now Fayhma claims the two have since wedded after reuniting back in September.

“What I posted is true. Yes, Rayvanny and I are already married. What now is remaining is us throwing a party to celebrate that. That’s what most people don’t know. They have been spreading rumours and guessing things about us, but when the time is right we will let the world know. For now, I won’t share much.” Fahyma confessed.

A few months after Rayvanny dumped her, Faymah hit out at him, accusing the singer of subjecting her to social media harassment.

She also blasted him for neglecting their son because of his relationship with Paula.

Fahyma went on a rant, telling Rayvanny to forget her and their son out of his life.

“Count me and Jay as dead in your life. I will fight and I will win. I will not lack money for food but just consider Jay and I dead to you.”

Fahyma also accused the singer of being a serial cheat.

All that has now changed with Fahyma taking any chance she has to call out her haters, who she says are hurt to see them get back together.

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