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Ray G thrills ‘kadama’ in Saudi Arabia

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By Hussein Kiganda

Reagan Muhirwe, widely known as Ray G, delivered a remarkable performance in the capital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 25, 2023.

The talented singer, who arrived in the country a day prior, left the Ugandan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, known as kadama, enraptured by his artistry, yearning for more, as he transported the soulful essence of his Lunyakole-infused lyrics onto Arabian soil.

Captivating the audience with his hit, Mureebe, Ray G then effortlessly transitioned into Nobanza, a song that has consistently resonated with the Banyankole community.

The Omusheshe hitmaker unleashed the irresistible rhythms of Make A Way, eliciting an eruption of euphoria from the crowd, who enthusiastically jumped and danced to the infectious beats.

As the DJ sampled his recent chart-topper, Eizoba, the atmosphere reached fever pitch, and the exhilarated crowd couldn’t contain their excitement. They showered Ray G with money, symbolising their adoration and appreciation.

Spurred on by this overwhelming show of support, fans eagerly took to the stage, joining Ray G in his effortless dance moves, forming an electrifying synergy.

Subsequently, the talented singer carried this infectious energy to another city called Dammam on May 26, where he continued to captivate audiences with his unparalleled stage presence. 

Ray G follows in the footsteps of Ugandan stars who have performed in Saudi Arabia, including Acidic Vokoz, Pallaso, Liam Voice, and numerous others.

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