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Rapper Ruyonga delves into film acting

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Sensational Rapper Edwin Ruyonga has decided to embrace film. In an upcoming short movie called “A Dance With The Bride”, the rapper acts as a senior police officer. However, the movie will be premiered next month and is one of the most awaited movies at the moment.
Directed and produced by Josh SB and Josephine Zhane respectively, the movie is about a female cop(agent Clara) who wishes to step down from work and settle for love. She is challanged by her boss who entrusts her with one final criminal case that threatens her love life. She later finds out that her very boss is the leader of all the criminals.
Besides Ruyonga who acts the boss agent, it also features other major stars like Felicity Mandela and Fernando Fiere Kamugisha.
Ruyonga joins the likes of The Game, Ice Cube, 50 Cents and many more rappers who have gone film in the past few years.
His lyrical maturity in songs like God DNA, Saala featuring Ykee Benda, About you featuring Sowee and McKenzie, Mercy featuring Joy Melos and several other songs will push you into thinking that the heavens are not fair on him. He would have been as big as Jay-z or Kanye West.
The Ugandan film industry has changed over the years, in editing, shooting, cast and has taken the path of short films. Josh SB is another director to watch out for in this budding industry. He is also a musician and has featured in some of Ruyonga’s songs like God DNA and Always featuring Kamanzi and Ruyonga.

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