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Rapper Gravity Omutujju apologizes for costly joke

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Rapper Gereson Wabuyu popularly known as Gravity Omutujju loves a good laugh. During interviews on television, he often displays a playful demeanour and is full of banter.

It has come back to haunt him.  During a recent appearance on TV, he cheekily said that he supports Weasel’s battery of Sandra Teta and he would do the same.  “I am more of a woman beater than Weasel,” he said, pulling of a chauvinistic look.

Whether he was being sarcastic or not, the comments drew the attention of the wider public and there were calls for the public to boycott his upcoming “Tusimbudde” concert on 1st October for abetting domestic violence.

After increased pressure from the women, who demanded he retracts the statement and profusely apologizes, he did just that.

He disclosed that he gives women respect and he has never beaten any woman and he I’ll never do so in his life.

“Woke up this morning with numerous missed calls on my phone and many incoming ones from different people in concern of the interview I did with Kay’s – Whatever I said during that interview was a joke. I love and respect my woman and I can never and I have never raised my hands to beat any woman at anyone point and I condemn it. My apologies to all Ugandans,” he said.

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