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Range Rover Girl Martha Kay bags dream car, divides opinion

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

When she started out, Martha Kagimba popularly known as Martha Kay was known as the Range Rover Girl.

It largely owed to her fascination over the British manufactured monster machine. That her skits went viral is an understatement.

Her dreams have finally materialized.  She is the proud owner of a Range Rover, which she unveiled early this week.  

An excited Martha Kay posted emojis on social media expressing how she is overwhelmed and can’t believe she is having her dream car.

Martha Kay’s new Range Rover Sport continues to divide opinion. Internet Photo

In the caption, Martha Kay revealed how she could not believe that she was a new owner to her dream car.

“Can’t believe you’re here, simanyi nakumanya” she wrote on Instagram before adding teary and lovey-dovey emojis.

Soon after she posted the Range Rover Sport a 2016 model, valued at about $55,000 (sh210m) many doubted whether she could afford the car.

“Hard Work??? Sorry but there is simply NO WAY that Martha Kay bought that Range Rover with her own money,” James Onen wrote.

Others were sarcastic. “Is education even necessary when just having big bums can give you that car?” another wrote.

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