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Ragga Dee pleads with Museveni on Boda bodas

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By Paul Waiswa
Former Lord mayoral aspirant Dan Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee has a pleaded with  president Yoweri Museveni to lift the ban on Boda bodas, explaining how crucial lifting the ban is and how deadly to the society it is if not freed with the ban lifted.
Ragga Dee observes that after having bars, restaurants and venues that stage concerts, including other sections of the economy having unlimited time of operations, revellers are bound to find difficulties when going back to their places of abode as the commonest and cheapest transport means have limited time space that disqualifies them from operating beyond curfew time.
Ragga Dee says it is the boda cyclists that take workers and revellers cheaply to concerts, bars and other leisure places and by them (Boda bodas) operating under curfew means endangering the lives and property of revellers moving on foot. Furthering the same argument, singer cum politician Ragga Dee believes that for the safety of the natives mostly the common man who has no access to ownership of private cars or hiring special Cubs greatly attend to music shows and other night leisure gatherings. Their possibility of locomotion is fuelled by the availability of Boda bodas and is the pivotal reason behind Ragga Dee’s appeal to the president to lift the ban and curfew on Boda bodas as this will boost the music shows in terms of attendance and antagonistically for security and safety reasons shall secure the lives and property of the night pediatricians.
He firmly believes that the local entertainment industry demands several amendments and by having the most favourable and cheapest transport means is an indirect indicator that the circuit is not yet free. Adding that some event’s venues are strategically far from the densily  occupied areas and hence inaccessible by revellers by foot. ‘ These are venues far from main roads and busy places, and can only be accessed easily by the use of a Boda boda or vehicle”, he beamed, explaining that majority of the entertainment fanatics have no personal transport means and the only way for them to go, is by Boda bodas.

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