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Radio never wanted to pen music for others – Nince Henry

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer and songwriter, Nince Henry has revealed that late singer, Mowzey Radio didn’t warm up to the idea of sharing his creativity with other artistes inform of writing songs for them until 10 years ago. That he bought into the idea after he was thoroughly convinced.

“Mowzey never wanted to write songs for other people until 2013 when he was convinced to sell some of his then extra catalogue of demos to others. One day me and him argued on who listened to more of Paul Kafeero’s songs and he took me to his car. On his he had 20 more than I,” he wrote.

The songwriter was triggered by a section of the online community that has since grown to love songstress Spice Diana’s Regular but give the credit to Radio claiming it sounds like a piece only he could write. They also wondered who could possibly be keeping the hard drive that reportedly went missing after his death.
@albertKatruGuma wrote: “Spice Diana’s ‘Regular’ sounds like some top notch Mowzey Radio writing. Naye lwaki temujaayo hard drive yomusajja bantu mwe?”

Nince Henry was also compelled to highlight his contribution as a songwriter briefly just so his effort can be appreciated ad not attributed to the fallen one half of the Radio & Weasel duo.
“The first song I ever wrote was OMUKWANO GUNYUMA in 2010 by Samali Matovu! It was the biggest song in the country that whole year! It won the PEARL OF AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS Song of the year! My best lyrical exhibition was in ENO YE SAWA for Irene Ntale.”

In 2021, he credited singer Bebe Cool for his existence in the music industry. He said the Gagamel boss was the first person to give him a vivid picture of the music industry by taking him to a recording studio.

Among others, he has also written songs for Juliana Kanyomozi, Rema Namakula and Iryn Namubiru.

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