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Quex releases second album after four years

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By Hussein Kiganda

Quex (George Kwesiga), known for his hit song Kachumbali, has released his new album dubbed Sindika Endongo after nearly four years.

The singer released his first album Kachumbali in 2019 and one of the songs, Kachumbali, became a hit in 2020, winning him a spot in the industry. 

Talking to The Kampala Sun about why he took long to release another album, Quex said he has been cooking better music and is hopeful that the album will appeal to all Ugandans. 

“It’s everything the music industry has been missing. It has something for everyone both urban and downtown,” Quex said.

“I called it Sindika Endongo because I have come to appreciate that I wasn’t well received by the mainstream after the Kachumbali album, so I have to rely on my fans to push the music,” he revealed.

Quex has eight songs on Sindika Endongo, including Jajja Mummy, Bumper to Bumper, Rasta Man, Sexy Mama, Salubala and Vibe Ekutte Reborn. He features new talents such as Kulcha Don, Bigmo256, and Bale Di Passion.

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