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Pure Nostalgia: GNL Zamba takes fans down memory lane in Tusker Malt Conversessions edition

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Tusker Malt Conversessions has broadened its music genre scope after the online video series went hip-hop for its third edition.

The episode that went live on Sunday evening was headlined by Ugandan hip-hop titan, Ernest Nsimbi, who is better known by his stage moniker, GNL Zamba.

GNL evoked nostalgia from the last decade when he performed hits exclusive to the album critics regard to be his magnum opus, Koyi Koyi.

Tusker Malt not only added a twist to the musical genres but to the visual experience as well.

In the GNL edition, the production team at Swangz Avenue sets the rapper up for a real time barber shop experience, with the star of the moment looking resplendent in a black and white tux.

Despite the series getting a hip-hop spin off, the online show stays true to its acoustic experience as the rapper performs his classics to a suit clad live band.

As opposed to back up vocalists, GNL enlists longtime collaborator, Tommy Race, who, clad in a suit, serves as the official hype man.

GNL’s performance was proof to as to why the Luga flow legend referred to himself as the “Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T)” in tweets that led up to the show.

The Baboon Forest honcho kicked off his special with the head bopping ghetto anthem, Koyi Koyi which set the tone for an evening of hip-hop, clean-cut bars and rap aggression.

However, GNL had a lot more tricks up his sleeves.

The Luga flow storyteller treated his fans to dancefloor fillers such as Kikankane and the Benon Mugumbya assisted Mwana wa baaba. Even with the fanfare proceeding in excess, Zamba still preached and gave counsel performing socially conscious bangers such as his own rendition of Elly Wamala’s Ani yali Amaanyi and AIDS psalm, Luka.

The hip-hop conversession thickens when GNL not only claims the much-contested rap throne but disregards the competition as copycats who cannot map out their own blueprint.

The Lugaflow behemoth also silences naysayers who question his choice of marrying a white lady and choosing to stay in the states as opposed to his motherland.

GNL responds to the hard questions. GNL proves himself.

With the debate growing around who the hip hop G.O.A.T is, GNL has made his submission. No rapper has a catalogue boasting of chart toppers such as Koyi koyi, Kikankane and Ani Yali Amanyi.

GNL’s episode of the TML conversessions is currently on Tusker Malt Lager’s official You Tube channel- Tusker Malt Lager Ug.

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