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Pumpkins steal show at Miss and Mr Bukedde

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

In Sunday’s episode of Miss and Mr. Bukkedde, a cook who prepared pumpkins was hailed by three judges making him the most outstanding contestant of the night.

A one Sudayisi, prepared luwombo of pumpkins, a traditional method where food is wrapped with spices in banana leaves and left to get ready.

After Sudayisi’s presentation, Judge Annet Nandujja rushed to hail the contestant, calling him the best of all the contestants. Judge Moses Bbosa and Fifi Da Queen said he was so creative and called upon other contestants to try out new things.

“For sure, when I remember, it is not easy to cook pumpkin luwombo. Sudayisi is so creative and I have to credit him for that. Other contestants should find something better to present before us other than singing…,” Judge Bbosa said.

Another cook had also prepared tea, but all his efforts got three “nos”. There were several others who sang some songs, but it all came to nought.

Following the poor performance from contestants who chose to sing, the judges urged contestants to choose songs they can ably master and sing. Most contestants who tried singing were sent off because they sang off-key and with faint voices.

Miss and Mr. Bukkedde is still ongoing and the winners will be announced in January. A car and land title awaits the best of them.

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