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Public warned against packaging rolex in ‘kaveera’

by Editorial Team
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By John Masaba

The public has been warned against using plastic bags aka kaveera to package rolex. 

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) says plastics contaminate food could have health consequences such as cancer.

The environment management entity says rolex makers should instead use paper-based and other non-plastic materials to package them.

NEMA executive director Dr Barirega Akankwasa gave the guidance during World Environment Day celebrations at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Monday, June 5.

“We still have our people who cook their food in Kaveera, especially black Kaveera. That is very dangerous because heat creates the breakdown of chemicals from these plastics and this could contribute to the escalating levels of cancers that we see today,” he said.

“We must work together to change these habits. We must work together to heal the planet so as to live in harmony with nature,” Barirega added. 

Rolex is a popular Ugandan convenient street food made from rolled eggs, chapati and vegetables.

The delicacy is named cheekily after the expensive Swiss watch. 

Although primarily Ugandan, rolex has recently been buffeted by events in countries, more so those in the West.

It is made in minutes and costs less money to prepare yet it is nutritionally fulfilling.

Akankwasa, however, cautioned especially roadside vendors, most of whom operate stalls that clutter many corners of Kampala, to desist from packaging the food for their clients in Kaveera, adding that Kaveera releases dangerous chemicals into the food. 

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