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Prophet flogs flock in Hoima church, arrested

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

A self-styled prophet who was filmed flogging his flock for misplacing his ‘miracle stick’ has been arrested.

Prophet Denis Kintu of Empowerment City Church in Hoima went viral after a video in which he fervently flogged while cursing his flock did rounds on Wednesday.

Latest news from Hoima indicates that the man of God is blinking behind bars after he was arrested.  Albertine region Police Spokesperson Julius Allan Hakiza confirmed the news. 

Prophet Denis Kintu being handcuffed at Hoima Police. File Photo

Ironically, the Kampala Sun understands that during interrogation, the prophet revealed that he was following Jesus’ example in the bible when he flogged money changers turned the Jerusalem Temple into a scene of greed and sinfulness.

In this video, Prophet Denis Kintu is overheard asking the congregation to be ready to get flogged. In the same manner, he is seen calling one by one to be beaten, he then calls out the ministers of the church to also go and get flogged.

The reason for this huge flogging is that, he was beating demons out of the followers of Jesus Christ according to the prophet.

More so, while flogging the sheep of God, the pastor is heard telling people that for him he is not a Munyoro. So he has a right to flog them and remove all the stupidity from them.

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