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Prominent lives we’ve lost to senseless bar brawls

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Alcohol is magical. We know that. But one of the side-effects of alcohol is it makes one feel invincible. Add in an inflated ego here or there and you’ve got a recipe for fistfights.  Sadly, some fights have led to loss of life.

Following the death of prominent city lawyer Tony Ngobi Kanalo, a prominent lawyer died from head injuries sustained during a brawl in a bar in Mengo, we take a look at some of the lives lost to bar brawls.

Mowzey Radio

His death on 1 February 2018 hit a raw nerve.  Radio, real name Moses Ssekibogo, died just hours after Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni towards his medical bills.  Tributes poured in for arguably one of Uganda’s finest crooners.

Radio was allegedly beaten into a coma at a popular hangout spot in Entebbe. He was treated in hospital for injuries he sustained and died 10 days later.

Godfrey Wamala, a.k. a Troy the bar bouncer accused of killing him was found guilty of manslaughter but acquitted of murder.  He is serving his sentence.

Johnny Ahimbisibwe

In the wee hours of the night of August 2, 2015, a fight between two love rivals ensued in Kampala City’s Club Guvnor.

The fight was between John Ahimbisibwe alias Jonnie and Ivan Kamyuka. Kamyuka and his wife Nima Nyarwaka were confronted by Ahimbisibwe, his wife’s ex-lover, as they were approaching the corridor leading to the washrooms of the night club.

Johnny Ahimbisibwe died after a brawl in Club Guvnor (photo: file)

During the confrontation at the club, Ahimbisibwe sustained a deep cut in the neck and he bled to death.

Closed Circuit Television footage extracted from the night club camera showed puzzled revellers at the club trying to separate the two men.   Justice Wlson Kwesiga found Ivan Kamyuka guilty of manslaughter.

Ras Thaddeus Buyego

Thaddeus was a certified party animal who bar hopped.  In 2013, the local Rastafarian community woke up to sad news of his passing.  He was care free spirit who wouldn’t harm a fly.   He died a lonely and desolate man in his house in Nsambya.   He had been carrying abdominal pains two years to his death after an unprovoked stabbing that happened at Lido Beach, Entebbe, one of his popular hangouts.

Police has summoned Singer Faisal Sseguya a.k.a Rabadaba over the death of his fellow singer Thaddeus Buyego.  He was let free as there was no evidence pinning him.

Ras Thaddeus Buyego died two years after he was stabbed at Lido beach (Photo: file)

.Tony Ngobi

Tony Ngobi Kanalo, a prominent lawyer died from head injuries sustained during a brawl in a bar in Mengo, a Kampala suburb. The incident happened at around 1am on Independence Day eve at T.1 bar in Mengo.

“During the incident, Kanalo was pushed by a bouncer and hit his head on concrete.  He lay unattended to before a Samaritan rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with a blood clot on the head” Kampala Metropolitan deputy spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Following the incident, the bouncer, identified as Muhammad Lubega was arrested over assault and after the death of the lawyer, his charges have now been elevated to murder.

City Lawyer Tony Ngobi is the latest victim of a bar brawl. (photo: file)

No one wins in bar brawls- Event Security expert

According to popular events security expert, Dixon Bond Okello, no one wins where there is drinking and the proposal of violence.  “People should learnt to swallow their pride and walk away from any kind of provocation,” he advises.

He decries the caliber of bouncers employed at some places; saying they lack proper training as they are randomly picked from down town gyms.   He cautions against engaging them. “If you start a fight in a public bar, expect the bouncers to toss you out.  If you get engaged with the bouncers, they will pounce. Sadly, when most people are drink, they assume they are more powerful that Johnnny Bravo, the cartoon character,” he cautions.


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