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Producer Yaled brags about his latest video ‘Akaloosa’

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By Paul Waiswa

Yaled Kaluuya, populary known as producer Yaled has for some time been vibrant in the entertainment circuit as an audio producer. He has since upped the ante over the past few years and joined the singing fray.

He has for the past three years proved to his clients (Musicians) and fanatics that away from making them stars can also do it equally better on his music ladder.

After turning many of last year’s music events down with his popular hit songs, Yaled has dropped his newest video named Akaloosa. It’s Luganda word that centers around good scent. It’s a love song also with comic and old adage Lusoga words mixed with Luganda lyrics as always done in the previous songs.

In this video, the singing producer is seen subscribing and praising himself to a lady who he concealed her names convincing her how loving he is, and, if given chance shall forever be by her side. He further expresses how those disappointed will feel and only smell the scent of this beautiful woman. He also brags as the only man who has never feasted on squirrels despite growing up in the village.

According to him, the song has already received attention and has given him solid hope musically is on point.

Yaled who is signed to Gudluck label has his song out after Ofunye Omusoga collaboration with Serena Bata broke odds. Remember Yaled engaged in active singing during the first lockdown with his single titled Letter, then followed by other hit singles like Sinardo, Biriroliro, to mention but a few.

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