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Producer Nessim unbothered by Nina Roz, Daddy Andre breakup

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By Joan Murungi

When Daddy Andre and Nina Roz become lovers, their working relationship (musically) seemed to have become easier than ever.

Before the couple split, they did two songs together (Nangana and Andele). These two songs received good reception. Apart from doing music together, Daddy Andre wrote Nina Roz her Enyonta song and also produced a few songs for her. One of the songs is Billboard Kipande.

Later on, the couple split and months later, Nina Roz revealed how she is working with producer Nessim on her new projects.

Being that Daddy Andre has been producing her music, her decision raised so many questions. Many wondered why she had moved for another choice of a music producer. 

Some went ahead and requested Nessim Pro to give up on this opportunity and give room for the split couple to reconcile.

Instead, Nessim gave this a deaf ear. Musically speaking, he spoke about Nina Roz’s stand in her music career.

“This is business, but nothing else. I have no intention of signing her. I have my own problems. Whenever you speak to me, I always tell you about how I am a money maker,” Nessim revealed.

Nessim is also unbothered by the fact that Daddy Andre has been producing Nina Roz’s music.

“Iam just a producer. My job is not connected to this in any way. That is their life and not mine. All I do is to make music and money. I love money so much.”

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