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Princess Komuntale ex-husband dead

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By Charles Etukuri

Duke Christopher Thomas, the former husband of Toro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale, is dead. Christopher passed away on January 9 in the US where he was reportedly staying.

His sister, Cretia Thomas, announced his death on Tuesday morning.

“In 2021 I lost 7 Family Members. Including My Son Jaylin. I’m Trying to be strong after that. Now on January 9, 2022 I have lost my brother Thomas… Lord I haven’t healed from my son. Please give me strength. I just had my last conversation with him,” Cretia posted on Christopher’s page.

She did not reveal what caused his death.

A friend Cheron Wallace-March said, “Oh, my friend, my bro. I’m truly at a loss. Get your rest Christopher. Please keep his mom, Pastor Alecia Thomas, his siblings, April Thomas, David Thomas, and William, and all family members and loved ones affected, in your prayers. Hurt is all through this traumatic ordeal and prayers would be appreciated and is continually needed. Thank you all in advance. Keep my loved ones in your loving arms, God.”

 Komuntale got married to Christopher, an African American, at a royal wedding in November 2012, but their marriage ended in a bitter divorce a year later.

Both Komuntale and Christopher declined to reveal immediately why they had separated. However, shortly after, Thomas apologised to Komuntale, Toro Kingdom and Ugandans over the marriage that went sour.

Christopher posted on his Facebook page acknowledging that he had made grave mistakes in his marriage, but sought for forgiveness from his wife.

Komuntale then broke her silence in October 2013, a week after Christopher’s apology. She confirmed that their marriage had ended. In the post, Komuntale accused Thomas of being promiscuous and physically abusive.

Christopher and Komuntale at their 2012 wedding

Christopher and his new woman

According to Komuntale, a few weeks after their wedding, things got out of hand. She said Christopher physically abused her and continued drinking heavily.

Komuntale cited an incident when Christopher called her asking her to join him in a hotel in the US, where she found her husband sharing a hotel room with a woman who was wrapped in a towel by the time of her arrival.

She said she suffered long enough in silence and that she tried to save their marriage on numerous occasions, but failed. Komuntale would later share an Instagram post about a job promotion.

In her Instagram post, she revealed that she had moved to Texas in order to start over after being separated from Christopher and that she wanted a new start after what she called a poisonous marriage with the wrong person.

Both Christopher and Komuntale later got married and restarted their lives with new partners.



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