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Katrina Ssangalyambogo: The populist princess not afraid of protocol

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Princess Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo is Uganda’s most unlikely TikTok princess. For a Buganda Kingdom princess, she recently released a 10-second video where she spoke a smattering of English and her native Luganda. The punch was the imported accent into her Luganda.

In typical happy-go-lucky fashion, she said to the camera: “My Luganda is not Luganda- ring very well. But we are outside, tuli ‘waweeruuuu’.”  It has been viewed by hundreds of thousands, with many copying her. Her legion of followers has increased tenfold. However, some have found fault with her.

Ssangalyambogo has been barraged with distasteful comments on social media.
In their estimation, to hear a princess – the daughter of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Sylvia Nagginda – turn into a ‘clown’, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. They say Katrina, 21, is meant for significant kingdom roles and whatever she does on social media breaks protocol.

Ssangalyambogo is not about to lose sleep over individuals who expect her to sashay in a tiara, whenever she steps out of her parents’ palace.  She is unhinged. If there is anything that gives her jitters, it is adhering to protocol.

While responding to individuals who found fault with her comprehension of Luganda, the UK-born Ssangalyambogo retorted in an accent that would impress elders in Naggalabi, Budo.

She alluded to the fact that having a royal title has a lot of perks, but it also comes with a long list of traditions and protocols, which she endeavors to follow. She, however, also came out as that one brave royal who is not afraid to go against the grain.

It isn’t the first time Ssangalyambogo is having rule-breaking moments with the kingdom faithful. For her 19th birthday, she left many scratching their heads after she took to Instagram and posted a photo showing an engagement ring. It was so bad, the subject turned to her chastity, with many wondering whether she would get a proper husband. She studied their mood and allayed their fears. “Not engaged Just clapping,” she later wrote.

Ssangalyambogo displaying a ring, which many assumed was an engagement ring

Ssangalyambogo made it clear that she bought that ring for herself three years ago back in Argentina in some market when she was on a tour with her friends. For her theatrics, she must have made her parents’ hearts skip a beat. Her carefree nature has always manifested from childhood. She is an excellent swimmer and has won awards at competitions in East Africa, over the years.

If she had listened to complaints from traditionalists who complained about a princess stripping down to a Speedo costume in full view to plunge into a swimming pool, she would never have had those accolades.

For such a happy princess, the only time we’ve really seen Ssangalyambogo frown is after Manchester United games. She supports the club and names of first team and reserve players reel off her tongue with ease.

In 2017 during a tour of the Club’s Carrington home ground at Manchester United, Ssangalyambogo was officially registered by the club with a membership number of 4928387.  She is so good at what she does, Ssangalyambogo is one of the Manchester United fans who have found fault with Ralf Ragnick’s “cow horn” formation, which has seen the club post poor results.

Even as an Arsenal fan, I would listen to her analysis all day. She is that engaging.  At this rate, I believe she merits a reality show of her own. She is far better than most clowns in town.



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