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Prima trashed for judging Bruno K’s Vanessa

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Socialite Prima Kardashi has joined the legion of Ugandans who have become experts on relationships following singer Bruno K’s baby mama drama.

Prima took to social media and referred to Vanessa Kirabo Atuhaire, Bruno K’s baby mama, as ‘damage’, a derogatory term to denote someone who is old and past their sell-by-date.

Mother-of-two Prima mocked Bruno K and other men who leave “classy women” because they cannot afford them and fall for the other class of women whom she referred to as ‘damage’.

The internet was quick to respond. Several referred to Prima as worse off. They claimed she was not only old, but unattractive and toxic too.

“Look at the person abusing fellow women as damages. If it wasn’t for makeup and filters, she would be looking like a rejected sacrifice,” one said.

Prima went on the defensive, challenging them to beat her if they were really offended by her comments.

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